Respiratory Therapy

Take back control of your breathing!

Respiratory Care from A1 Medical Supply

 A1 Medical Supply offers education and training, clinical assessments, and 24 hour phone support by licensed clinicians. A1 Medical Supply also provides important information on the quality respiratory medications readily dispensed by a pharmacist. Also supplied are top-quality products.

 Advantages of Respiratory Therapy

                      Reduces breathing problems

                      Controls sleeping patterns 

                      Treats asthma and bronchitis 

                      Relaxes muscles in airways 

                      Increases airflow in lungs

                      Prevents bronchoconstriction

                      Prevents nasal polyposis

                      Relieves bronchial spasms 

                      Treats pulmonary disease


Respiratory Products and Services

                      Table Top and Portable Nebulizers

                      Replacement masks, mouthpieces, and filters

                      Nebulizer kits for replacement schedules

                      Respiratory medications (Albuterol, Duoneb, Brovana, and many more).

About Company

A1 Medical Supply is one of the nation’s leading providers in healthcare supplies, offering you top-quality products and the most advanced technology available. Years of experience and dedication is the foundation on which A1 Medical Supply is based. Now take the next step, the right step, and let A1 Medical Supply take care of your healthcare needs.

1785 Nonconnah Blvd Suite 107
Memphis, TN 38132
[email protected]

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