Get Pain relief without the dangers of drugs or surgery through Electrotherapy (TENS).

How Does Electrotherapy Work?

A TENS Unit uses two different methods to provide pain relief.

Pain Gating - Electrotherapy relieves pain by sending electrical pulses through electrodes placed on the skin. Pulses travel across nerves to the brain, triggering sensations of relief. This slows down the progression of pain signals to the brain.

Endorphin Release - Chemicals that are released as a response to pain. These chemicals determine whether or not the brain receives pain signals. This process interferes with pain sensations, using stimulation directly on the injured area. If the endorphins can overwhelm the injured area and cause it to slow down the response of pain to the brain, then you experience relief.

Electrotherapy Products and Services

TENS Ultima

·         Stlates sensory nerves

·         Blocks pain signals

·         Stimulates endorphins

·         No harmful side effects

Ultima Neuro

·         Targets pain associated to peripheral neuropathy

·         Enhances oxygen perfusion

·         Increases circulation & blood flow

Digital Electrical Muscle Stimulator

·         Stimulates muscle motor nerves

·         Increases muscle strength

·         Increases range of motion, endurance & blood flow

Interferential Stimulator

·         Stimulates on a medium level

·         Allows flow into tissue

·         Less discomfort

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