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A1 Diabetes is a national leader in home delivery of diabetes testing supplies and other home medical supplies.They offer the following services to each and every one of our customers. As a Medicare contract awarded supplier, they ensure that patients have only the best products available to them and are also happy with the options we are able to provide to them.


We are very proud to be able to offer them the following high-quality, name brand products and services:


·         Solus V2 Meter

·         OnCall Plus Meter

·         Lancets

·         Control Solution

·         Embrace Meter

·         OneTouch Meter

·         Lancing Devices

·         Replacement Batteries

·         TrueTrack Meter

·         Bayer Contour Meter

·         Testing Strips


Advantages for our A1 Diabetes Patients


·         Free meter upgrades

·         Friendly reorder reminders when your next refill is due

·         Largest selection of glucometers available

·         FREE delivery of all medical supplies straight to patient’s door

·         FREE training to teach our patients proper use of their medical supplies

·         FREE materials, gifts, and even 24/7 assistance to better educate our patients

·         Only quality name brand products are offered to our patients

·         Our staff handles “ALL” of our patients’ insurance paperwork


About Company

A1 Diabetes_Logo

A1 Diabetes is a national leader in home delivery of diabetes testing supplies and other home medical supplies. A1 Diabetes’s mission is to provide our patients with the most up-to-date products and carefree service that will allow them to live a healthier and more independent lifestyle.

1785 Nonconnah Blvd Suite 107
Memphis, TN 38132
(1800) 316 – 7955
[email protected]

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