You may qualify for drug free Arthritis Relief at little
to no cost!

Arthritis Relief at Little to No Cost


As a member of the Medicare Plus Card, you could receive insurance covered products to help aid against the daily pain with arthritis. A1 Medical Supply offers drug free solutions to managing arthritis pain. Our products and pain management solutions are excellent first options to therapy and can also provide a more effective therapy if utilized in conjunction with certain prescriptions you may already be taking.


A1 provides electrotherapy devices that allow you to manage the pain in the comfort of your own home. This therapy has no absolutely no side effects and can be used at anytime, anywhere. It works by stimulating your pain areas and prevents pain signals from these areas from reaching the brain, thus reducing or even eliminating the pain altogether. Find out if you qualify to receive electrotherapy at little to no cost.

Arthritis Gloves

A1 Medical Supply offers arthritic gloves that may be covered by your insurance plan. These gloves capture your body’s head to bring natural and effective relief from arthritic pain in your hands. They also reduce the change of swelling in the hands and eases the pain of sore joints. Find out if you qualify to receive a pair.

Other Orthotics

Arthritis Relief for everything that aches. Ranging from hands to shoulder, and everything in-between. Get support and stability to help you better manage and treat your arthritic pain.

About Company

A1 Medical Supply is one of the nation’s leading providers in healthcare supplies, offering you top-quality products and the most advanced technology available. Years of experience and dedication is the foundation on which A1 Medical Supply is based. Now take the next step, the right step, and let A1 Medical Supply take care of your healthcare needs.

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Memphis, TN 38132
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